Monday, 21 November 2016

3 Little Pigs Retrospective

This retrospective is based on the 3 Little Pigs fairy tale.

It is fun to act the story out and have fun with the team. I have included this in the download but there are plenty of article or books to choose from!

For the activity the team need to identify a wolf this is somebody who is chasing for the work or applying pressure. It could be the PO or a senior stakeholder.

Ask the team to imagine the wolf is chasing you and for each house come up with ideas that match the theme:

  • The first house is made of straw
    What is is just about hanging together for us as a team?
  • The next house is made of sticks
    What do we do that is pretty solid but could be improved?
  • The final house is made of bricks
    What do we do that is rock solid?
Once the team have put up their ideas you can vote and talk through some of the topics. Try and get some actions for things that need improving or are really bad problems we should look at.

I have put together these templates to make things more fun.

This retro was adapted from a post on Fun Retrospectives.